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Would you like to cover the topic of social media marketing and use it profitably for your company? However, are the expertise and know-how not yet in proportion to the goals you have set? That’s no problem! We are here to help. We are offering customized social media consulting services and workshops to educate you as well as bring your marketing team up to date. Our goal is to get you and your team to independently manage profitable marketing campaigns.

1:1 Social Media Consulting

Are you trying to promote your business or brand but find it challenging to attain your goals? In our one-on-one consulting sessions, you will receive one hour of intensive, personal coaching. We start at the level you are at and work our way up from there. If you have specific problems or questions when it comes to Facebook marketing, then this one-on-one workshop is perfect for you!

How It Works

In the cosultation, we will look at your campaigns together and work out a precise strategy with clear next steps for your social media performance. You will benefit from valuable and personalized tips, which you can then apply directly to your campaigns and goals.


The consultation is tailored to your specific needs. Since we are a leading social media performance agency, you will benefit from our current and comprehensive knowledge in the field of social media marketing. We will teach you EVERYTHING you want to know about Facebook marketing during our one-on-one video consultation. 

Cost: 250 EUR

Social Media Workshop

Does your marketing department have little to no experience in social media marketing? Our workshop will equip and enable your marketing department to be able to set up, analyze, and optimize profitable Facebook campaigns.

How It Works

First, we will dive into the basics by giving your marketing department an overview of the different campaign objectives. Together, we will analyze which campaign goals are the most useful for your company. In a later workshop, we will dive into the structure of a successful campaign and give you an overview of the most important key metrics and how to analyze and interpret them and, above all, how to use this gained data to optimize and manage your campaign.


In order to achieve our goal of getting your marketing department to fully and independently be able to run successful social media campaigns, we will begin at the starting level of your marketing department. Therefore, we will take time to respond to all your questions and individual needs.

Cost: on request

Why Us

Our one-on-one consulting services and workshops are individually tailored specifically to your brand’s needs. As a leading social media management agency, we ensure our extensive knowledge of social media marketing is available to you and your team. For our workshop, you and your marketing team do not necessarily need special prior knowledge in the area of Facebook marketing.  Our intensive support during the workshops enables you to get all your individual questions andswered.


What Our Clients Say

“”We booked our first personal consulting session as well as 2 workshops down the road for our marketing team. This may have been the single best decision we have ever made for our brand. The workshops and personal consulting were individually tailored to our needs. The Social Media Success team explained in detail the mistakes we were making and how we could solve them, in addition to answering the many questions we had. “

Mandy Chief Marketing Officer  

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We strive towards success for influencers and brands through strategic social media marketing by taking you from “Zero to Hero” status.

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