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In the internet age, your brand needs to invest in social media marketing in order to consistently grow. Without using the tools at your disposal – Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok advertising – your brand will soon fall behind the competition. That’s where we step in. We’ll handle your Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok campaigns and propel your brand from Zero to Hero, just like that.


We offer individually tailored advice for implementing digital marketing campaigns through different social media channels and how we can improving the performance of your current social media campaigns together. Your social media success depends largely on the development of a cleverly configured strategy.

Data Analysis,

Detailed metrics and campaign measurements are an absolute must for every social media marketing campaign. Continuous improvement cannot be achieved without data measurement and analysis to optimize your campaigns. As your social media marketing partner, we will consistently measure and analyze all of your social media campaign data.


The key ingredient for successful social media marketing is a well-thought-out strategy. Without understanding precisely how to attract your target audience, you won’t achieve optimal results. We will develop closely with you an individually tailored social media marketing strategy according to your business needs and goals.


In order to stay competitive and to get better results, you need to adjust and optimize your social media campaigns and strategies according to solid data and analytics we have measured. We provide round-the-clock campaign management to ensure you’re getting the results you desire.

Ad Content

Your ad content determines whether your social media campaign will succeed – or not. By content, we are referring to high-quality images, videos ad copy, thumbnails, video, and CTAs and much more… We will advise you on engaging content creation that sells.

Social Media Management

Today, it’s more important than ever to maintain up-to-date social media profiles for the growth of your business. That’s why we offer our clients professional and bespoke Social Media Management Services. Rely on us to post relevant content daily, accompanied by the best captions and hashtags at the most optimal times.



Why Us

Social Media Success is an English and German speaking agency with a highly experienced and professional team who has managed numerous profitable social media campaigns over the last 5 years.We deliver profitable marketing campaigns for global brands in addition to small businesses and startups. Our campaign and company success is measured and proven. As a performance-driven agency, we don’t only promise results – we depend on them. That’s why we offer our clients after an initial getting-to-know you phase, a performance-related payment option. 

Social Network


When it comes to digital advertising, Facebook has it all: robust analytics, precise ad targeting, and the broadest audience demographics. Benefit from the most popular social media platform to advertise your brand.


Instagram draws consumers in with visual appeal. Reach a global audience of more than 1 billion people through Instagram advertising and watch your ROI soar.

Tik Tok

Grab the early bird advantage of being one of the first TikTok advertisers, reaching a massive audience of Gen Z consumers. With cost effective advertising and a relatively untapped market, TikTok is a smart way to advertise.


Welcome to Social Media Success; the most successful platform for social media growth! Our goal is a simple one “to help influencers gain more followers and help brands grow their business.” It doesn’t hurt that we also connect brands and influencers with each other in a bid to create a mutually beneficial relationship. We strive towards success for influencers and brands through strategic social media marketing by taking you from Zero to Hero status.
Zero to Hero status.

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We strive towards success for influencers and brands through strategic social media marketing by taking you from “Zero to Hero” status.

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